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IP40 Butterfly

The Butterfly Rocker is a 4-way seesaw that has the unique belly seat for two children with physical impairments in a lying position, as well as two children in a sitting position. The children meet in the middle where they can play together and rock the butterfly, making it a highly inclusive product. The Rocker provides support on the sides for those who are lying down, and a supporting beam at the back which supports the child's knees and prevents them from falling off. There are a range of handles for children who feel less confident on the Rocker.

IP50 Dune Sandpit

The Dune is an elevated Inclusive sandpit, one of the first of its kind. There are a number of access points so that children with varying abilities can play together. There is one position for lying down using the belly seat, two open spaces for wheelchairs or standing and side steps for a child to stand or kneel on.. It can also be accessed from the middle, with space for a child to stand. The Dune overs so much variation for users of all abilities with our ethos of giving every child no mater their ability the opportunity to be at the heart of the action.

Inclusive Play

MagikMe has been acquired by Inclusive Play a leader in the provision of inclusive Play products. Based in the UK with worldwide distribution, this will give our products a global platform to help support the development of children and families of all abilities.  We are delighted to be part of the Inclusive Play family and will be working together to develop more exciting products.  You can view the exciting products and services on offer by visiting


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